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With a Rainbird sprinkler and drip irrigation system you’ll have a wonderfully lush garden and lawn, while still being mindful of water conservation.

Rainbird sprinkler and drip irrigation systems have been popular among home gardeners and landscaping professionals for over seventy years. Not only does Rain Bird manufacture high quality, great value irrigation products, but they also have a strong commitment to water conservation and resource management. If you want your lawn and garden looking magnificent all year round, and you care about water conservation, a Rainbird sprinkler and drip irrigation system is the perfect choice.

Many people think of automatic sprinkler systems as being terribly wasteful of water, and unfortunately, this is often true. If the system is not carefully designed for the individual watering needs of your lawn and garden, and is not properly installed and maintained, you’ll end up with a much bigger water bill than you should. And with water conservation being such a critically important issue these days, you’d be throwing away more than just money. What’s worse, inefficient watering means your garden may still not get enough water in the right place at the right time to flourish.

The advantages of a Rainbird sprinkler and drip irrigation system.

Because Rainbird sprinkler systems are professionally designed and installed, they deliver exactly the right amount of watering to each area of your garden precisely when it’s needed. Different plants, shrubs, trees and lawn types require different amounts of watering, and the rate of watering needed depends on the soil type, so your system needs to be designed with expert knowledge. It’s essential to place the right types of watering devices in the right positions in your garden, and to incorporate a sophisticated controller system to turn the sprinklers on and off at exactly the right time.

Complementing the automatic sprinkler system with drip irrigation for individual plants will enhance the effectiveness and efficiency of your garden irrigation system even more. Drip irrigation systems deliver water slowly, and directly to the roots of plants where it’s needed. Check Rainbird online, or consult your local garden irrigation supplier for more information.

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