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The optimum irrigation equipment for your garden sprinkler system takes the hard work out of gardening and lawn maintenance.

There is a huge selection of high quality, inexpensive, durable irrigation equipment to choose from for your garden sprinkler system, or for general lawn maintenance. However, it’s important that you choose the most appropriate irrigation equipment for your individual needs. You’ll get the most out of your sprinkler system, for a minimum of time and effort spent doing gardening and lawn maintenance jobs., and your garden and lawn will love you for it.

You’ll find a great range of irrigation equipment if you spend a little time shopping around online. Before you choose what to buy however, it’s important that you understand a few do’s and don’ts of landscaping and lawn maintenance. There’s a wealth of useful information online, and good irrigation equipment suppliers will be happy to offer you advice. Many even provide a professional landscaping design service.

Popular lawn sprinkler system components.

A very important component of any system is the controller. Unfortunately, many people use timers and controllers carelessly, which inevitably means that the sprinklers will be turned on at times when the garden doesn’t need watering, like during a rainstorm. There are some very sophisticated controller systems on the market, which incorporate soil moisture sensors, so the garden will never be watered when it’s not needed. A properly programmed controller can virtually be left to do all your garden and lawn irrigation without you having to think about it.

You should choose sprinkler head types depending on the layout of your garden, and the plant types you have. Impact, oscillating, rotor and spray heads all have different precipitation rates, and cover different sized areas. A very water efficient irrigation system component is a drip irrigation device. These can be positioned so that they deliver moisture directly to the roots of specific plants, and minimize water loss caused by evaporation or the wind.

For more information on watering your plants, please read this article on drip irrigation basics.

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