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Drip irrigation supplies for an environmentally friendly lawn and garden irrigation system.

Drip irrigation is fast becoming the preferred way to irrigate lawns and gardens, because for effectiveness and water efficiency it beats traditional sprinkler irrigation systems hands down. Drip irrigation supplies are very easy to find at home improvement and hardware stores, or you can order them online. If you’re completely new to drip irrigation, a basic drip irrigation supply kit will get you started. The drip irrigation kit will contain everything you need to set up an efficient irrigation system in your garden, including a specially designed hose, a filter and pressure regulator, and fittings. You can add supplementary components like drip emitters, sprayers and mini sprinklers as you need them.

Drip irrigation system design tips.

The great thing about drip irrigation is that it’s so easy to design and install a system which works most effectively and efficiently for the individual needs of your lawn, your plants and your garden layout. Your drip irrigation equipment supplier should give you advice on choosing the right combination of drip emitters, emitter tubing, drip tape, sprayers, mini sprinklers and misters for your plants as they grow.

An underground drip irrigation system delivers moisture to the roots of plants most effectively. If you’re designing and planting a whole new garden from scratch, this is a great option, because you can work the irrigation system into your garden design, and install it as you’re planting. An above ground drip irrigation system also works very well, and it’s easy to move it around whenever you need to. It’s also very easy to install an above ground drip irrigation system; you simply lay the tubing across the garden bed, or bury it under some mulch, and attach the fittings.


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