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Self watering planters make it easy to grow flowers and herbs, without the need for constant irrigation.

If you have trouble finding the time to water your house plants and keep up your garden irrigation routine, self watering planters are the answer. Cleverly designed self watering planters deliver the perfect amount of irrigation, so your plants will never be over or under watered.

Getting your kids or your school students started with their own garden has never been easier. With self watering planters and flower pots they can set up a herb garden or flower bed in just minutes and watch it grow.

The planters have a built in reservoir, and channels in the base which allow moisture to move upwards as the plants absorb it, so they will always receive exactly the right amount of irrigation. You only need to refill the reservoir once or twice a week, depending on the size of the planter, the type of plant, and the soil type. If you go away for a few days, you just fill the reservoir before you leave and your plants will take care of themselves.

Choosing the right self watering planters for your flowers and plants.

There are a range of different products available, designed for indoor or outdoor planting. Look for lightweight, durable, freeze resistant and fade resistant materials. You’ll usually find the planters come in a choice of colors.

Hanging planters can be used indoors or outdoors, and give you a very attractive way to display your flowers. The refill holes are usually located at the bottom, so they’re easy to reach.

Square boxes and round pots come in a range of sizes, and are suitable for a large variety of plants. Deep rooted plants require a deep planter shape, so be sure to check that the planter you choose will accommodate the plants you want to grow.

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