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A well designed irrigation system will give you a lush, healthy garden and lawn without wasting a drop of water.

Choosing an irrigation system which is effective and water efficient has never been more important. With a little know how and the right equipment, you can design a system which will keep your garden and lawn looking beautifully green and healthy, without wasting precious water resources. Efficient domestic irrigation systems not only minimize the impact on the environment, they also minimize the impact on your wallet every time you receive your water bill. Just follow the links from this site for information on water efficient garden and lawn irrigation, and advice on choosing the right irrigation equipment and accessories.

Garden and lawn irrigation options.

Broadly speaking, there are three ways to irrigate your garden and lawn. The simplest method is good old fashioned hand watering. If you have the time, and you enjoy relaxing in the garden with a watering can or hose, this is an excellent irrigation method. The main advantage of this very simple system is that you can monitor and regulate the amount of irrigation your garden receives very closely.

Automatic sprinkler systems are notorious water wasters, but they can in fact be exceptionally water efficient if used intelligently. If you use a sprinkler system, make sure it is designed so that it delivers irrigation to the garden and lawn only when it’s needed. Automatic sensors can be installed to detect the level of moisture in the soil, so that the sprinkler system is never turned on when it’s raining.

A third type of system which is rapidly gaining in popularity is drip irrigation. With a drip system, irrigation is delivered very slowly and steadily to the roots of plants, via a hose which is literally full of tiny holes. This is probably the most water efficient and effective type of irrigation, and very easy to install.


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