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Household irrigation pumps for rainwater harvesting and lawn sprinkler systems allow you to make the most efficient use of our precious water resources.

With water conservation becoming an increasingly important issue, more and more people are looking for positive ways to make the best use of their water supply. Irrigation pumps have always been common in rural areas, but many urban folks are now using them as part of rainwater harvesting systems, or even to maximize the efficiency of their lawn sprinkler system.

The range of household irrigation pumps available these days is quite incredible, so it’s worth taking a look around at your local gardening store, or online. Information on rainwater harvesting, and tips on designing the best possible lawn sprinkler system are also very easy to find.

Which type of irrigation pump should you look for?

There are two basic types of irrigation pumps. The most common are those which are used to pump water from some kind of reservoir to where it’s needed. These are very common in rural areas, for pumping water from dams, lakes, and other water sources, for a variety of uses. In a domestic situation you could pump water from a rain barrel, or a well if you’re lucky enough to have one, onto the lawn and garden. Simpler rainwater harvesting systems have a spigot attached to the barrel, allowing you to fill a bucket. However, if you’re collecting large amounts of rainwater, it’s certainly worth investing in a manual or an electric powered pump.

The other basic type of pump can be used to regulate or boost the water pressure of an existing water source. This is very useful for lawn sprinkler systems, where it’s important to control the rate at which the water is dispersed, so that plants absorb the moisture most efficiently.

The pumps are reasonably easy to install yourself if you have a little experience in dealing with irrigation systems, and there are DIY kits available on the market. Otherwise, good equipment suppliers will offer a consultation, system design and installation service.

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