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High quality drip irrigation parts for a lush, green, environmentally friendly lawn and garden.

Drip irrigation systems are becoming the preferred garden and lawn watering system for environmentally conscious home owners. Not only does drip irrigation do a fantastically effective job keeping your garden looking healthy and beautiful, it keeps all your plants well irrigated all year round without wasting a precious drop of water.

What’s more, if you’re a reasonably handy gardener, you can design and install your drip irrigation system yourself. You’ll find all the drip irrigation parts you need available from this site. You’ll also find plenty of useful online information on choosing the right drip irrigation part for the right job.

What you’ll need to set up a drip irrigation system in your garden.

Simply put, a drip irrigation system is like a leaky hose which lies on or under the ground, and provides a slow, steady supply of irrigation directly to the roots of your plants, where it is most effective. Because the water doesn’t fly through the air, you don’t lose much to evaporation, it doesn’t blow away in the wind, and it always goes exactly where you want it to.

Specially designed drip irrigation hoses have thousands of tiny holes right along their length, allowing water to seep through slowly into the soil. You’ll also need other parts like a filter, a pressure regulator, the correct fittings to put the whole thing together, and you may wish to include a timer. Check with your local municipal authorities to find out whether you are required to include a backflow preventer in your drip irrigation system.

 You can also add supplementary parts like mini sprinklers, sprayers and drip emitters to irrigate specific plants in the garden. The individual parts are designed to snap together very easily, so you shouldn’t have any trouble fitting the whole irrigation system together.


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