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Drip irrigation controllers and the different pieces that make a drip irrigation system work.

Drip irrigation controllers make light work of keeping your lawn and garden healthy and beautiful. A drip irrigation controller device is easy to program, and ensures your lawn and garden receive precisely the amount of irrigation they need exactly when they need it.

Most controllers can even be set to adjust the irrigation schedule according to the time of year.

Drip irrigation systems are becoming more and more popular all the time, because they not only work better than most traditional irrigation methods, they do it with a minimum of water. Conserving precious environmental resources has never been more important, and every little bit helps.

A drip irrigation system is very easy to set up. If you’re planting a whole new garden from scratch, you can bury your drip irrigation hoses underground, where they will work most effectively. If you’re installing a drip irrigation system into an existing garden, you can lay the drip hoses over the surface of your garden beds, which will work almost as well.

Components of a drip irrigation system:

- Drip irrigation hoses, these specially designed hoses have thousands of tiny holes along their length, allowing water to seep slowly and steadily into the soil.

- Drip emitters, sprayers and sprinklers may also be added to the drip irrigation system, where you have specific shrubs and flowers which need special attention.

- Filter and pressure regulator, to maintain the correct water pressure and water quality.

- Controller or timer, to switch the system on and off.

- Backflow preventer, which is recommended, and may be required by your local municipal authorities.

- Fittings, to connect the whole system together.

For more information watering your outdoor plants please read this article on keeping your garden healthy with drip watering systems.


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