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A drip watering system will keep your garden healthy and beautiful without wasting a precious drop of water.

These days, using water resources wisely is becoming increasingly important, and inefficient gardening practices are among the worst offenders when it comes to water wastage. This is why more and more people are choosing to install drip watering systems to irrigate their lawn and garden.

With a drip watering system, a hose which is full of tiny holes is used to deliver water slowly and steadily directly to the roots of plants. This is a fantastically efficient and very effective watering method, because you don’t lose any water to evaporation or runoff, you don’t tend to over water, and plants absorb water most efficiently when it’s delivered slowly to their roots. A drip irrigation system is very easy to design and install yourself. Just follow the links from this site for information on choosing the right drip irrigation products and accessories.

Designing a drip irrigation system.

Designing the optimum drip irrigation system for your garden depends on the layout of your garden, the types of plants you have, and the soil and climate in your area. Drip systems work best when installed underground, so if you’re planting a new garden from scratch, you have the perfect opportunity to bury your drip watering hoses where they will be most effective. If you’re installing a drip system around an existing garden, laying the drip hoses over the surface of garden beds will work almost as well.

Good garden design will also increase the efficiency of your watering system. Place plants with similar watering needs together, and plant shrubs and flowers in garden beds rather than scattered across the lawn, as lawns require much more watering than most other plants. Choose plant species which thrive in your climate without the need for a lot of watering. Native plant species will almost always be the best choice.

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