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A good garden irrigation regime can involve a high tech automatic sprinkler system, or just a simple garden hose and a little love and care.

Deciding on the best garden irrigation and maintenance routine depends on a number of factors. Naturally you want your garden and lawn looking wonderful all year round, and you want to make the most efficient use of water resources you possibly can. But the time you spend keeping your garden irrigation routine running is very important.

An automatic sprinkler system can be a fantastically efficient, convenient, time saving asset. But if you love to spend relaxing weekends in the garden watering and tending your shrubs and flower beds, a simple garden hose and watering can will do just as good a job.

Whether you use a sophisticated automatic sprinkler system, or a watering can and the garden hose, there are few important tips to remember.

A few simple garden irrigation and maintenance tips.

The design and layout of your lawn and garden has a significant impact on the effectiveness of your garden irrigation system. It’s wise to choose plant types which will flourish naturally in the climate and soil type you have in your area. Native species are always a safe bet. Using plant and lawn species which require less watering can also make your life easier, particularly if you live in a dry climate area.

Clustering plants with similar watering needs together also makes your watering much more efficient. Planting shrubs and flowers together in a bed, rather than scattered in amongst the lawn is a very wise practice. Generally, lawns require a lot more watering than larger plants and trees, as their root systems are much smaller.

The best time to water is first thing in the morning, when the air is cooler and contains more moisture. This way, the soil can absorb the water more completely, and you lose less water to evaporation than you would during the heat of the day.

For more information on irrigating your lawn and garden, please read the following article a beginner's guide to sprinkler design.

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