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Garden Hose and Hose Reels

A durable, well-designed hose reel will take the stress out of all those lawn maintenance and garden irrigation jobs.
Not only will it keep your irrigation and lawn maintenance equipment tidy and readily accessible, a hose reel will extend the life of your garden hose by protecting it from damage.

A quick guide to wall mount garden hose reels.
Explanation of the different types of wall mounted hose reels for your home and garden.

A guide to hand watering using gardena garden hoses.
Information on Gardena garden hoses and four top lawn and garden watering tips.

A high quality flat garden hose is easy to store, and makes light work of keeping your lawn and garden looking lush and healthy.
What to look for when choosing a flat garden hose.

A high quality galvanized watering can makes hand watering a pleasure.
Galvanized watering cans are a great investment and they won't leak or rust.

A small garden watering wand makes watering your indoor potted plants a pleasure.
Different ways to water your plants including watering wands and watering cans.

A soaker hose and drip irrigation system delivers exactly the right amount of moisture to your plants, precisely where it’s needed.
Soaker hose and drip irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular, because they deliver a precise amount of water directly to the plants’ root systems.

A soaker hose system is a fantastically effective and water efficient way to irrigate your lawn and garden.
Soaker hoses deliver water directly to the roots of plants where it’s needed, so there’s less water lost to evaporation and runoff.

Care for your garden in style with fantastic designer watering cans.
A good designer watering can is designed to make it very easy to keep your plants healthy and beautiful.

Choosing hose and cable reels for the garden and workshop.
A good quality hose or cable reel is an essential accessory for all your garden maintenance and home electrical equipment.

Choosing the right garden hose pot for your garden.
Tips on choosing garden hoses and garden hose pots for your backyard and garden.

Everything you need to know about garden hose containers.
Garden hose storage tips and the three main types of hose containers.

Fantastic garden hose storage products to make watering the garden a breeze.
Ideas and storage options for your garden hose.

Garden and lawn maintenance using a garden hose timer.
Garden hose timers are great to ensure your lawn and garden gets the right amount of water.

Garden hose guards are great for protecting the your plants.
How to install hose guards and hose guides and a list of the different kinds available.

Garden hose holders and other great garden hose storage ideas
clever ideas for keeping your garden hose neat and tidy.

Garden hose quick disconnect fittings make gardening a breeze
Having the right garden equipment and accessories makes gardening a pleasure, rather than a chore.

Garden hose reel storage: why is it so important?
A guide to different ways to store your garden hose.

Garden hose reels take the hard work out of gardening and lawn maintenance
If you’re sick of having your garden hose lying all over the yard in a tangled mess, garden hose reels are an ideal way to keep your gardening and lawn maintenance equipment tidy and ready when you need it.

Garden Hose Showdown: Rubber vs. Vinyl
Are you thinking about buying a new garden hose? A rubber garden hose might be the hose for you.

Guide to Garden Hose Reel Storage
What are the top things that will damage your garden hose and what can you do to extend the life of your hose?

Hose reels make using your garden hose as easy as as handling a watering can
Sturdy, durable, easy to wind hose reels keep your garden hose tidy and safe from damage.

High quality stainless steel watering cans make it easy to keep your garden healthy and beautiful
Information on great watering products, stainless steel watering cans, watering wands and drip irrigation kits.

Reasons to Choose a Soaker Hose Irrigation System
A soaker hose irrigation system could be the garden and lawn maintenance solution you’ve always dreamed of.

Simple solutions and watering devices for hanging plants
Different ways to water your hanging plants automatically.

The right hose should be as easy to handle as a watering can
It’s worth shopping around online for the right hose for your needs, and you’ll pick up some handy tips on gardening, lawn maintenance, and even how to make the most of that watering can in the process.

The right garden hose reel is one of the most important pieces of irrigation equipment you can have, and makes a real difference to your garden and lawn maintenance.
If you care about your garden and lawn maintenance, and you understand the importance of having the right irrigation equipment for the job, it’s worth checking out the range of garden hose reel products which are available.

Use irrigation spikes for good garden maintenance
Using irrigation spikes to water your plants and information on other time-saving irrigation systems.

Watering cans can be easier to use than the garden hose, and deliver water more accurately than a sprinkler system
Many people prefer the old fashioned simplicity of watering cans. Using watering cans allows you to water your flower beds at a leisurely pace. You can always use the garden hose or a sprinkler system for the lawn.

Water Garden Havens - Create a Sanctuary for the Senses
A leading manufacturer of water gardening products, offers the following tips for creating a pond.

Watering Your Garden
Watering is essential to a healthy garden and doing it properly will keep your garden looking fresh throughout the year.

Rain Barrels

A rain barrel was once a common piece of irrigation equipment used in farms and homes, and now many people are rediscovering the benefits of rainwater harvesting.
Rainwater harvesting is one of the simplest ways to cut down on your water consumption, and a rain barrel is probably the best piece of irrigation equipment you will ever buy.

Getting Started With a Home Water Collection System
Setting up a water collection system is one of the easiest home improvement projects there is, and you’ll start reaping the benefits almost immediately.

Homemade rainbarrels are simple and fun to make
Homemade rainbarrels are a creative way to save money and environmental resources.

Keep Your Yard Beautiful and Save Water
Use of 100 percent of rain water to benefit your lawn and plantings.

Manage Rainwater Harvesting With Beauty and Style
Here are a few ways the environmentally conscious homeowner can manage the water that falls on their home and yard.

Rain barrels, wholesale and recycled, save precious water resources and money too.
Some suppliers will offer special wholesale prices for large quantity orders, usually of one hundred rain barrels or more.

Setting up a system for collecting rainwater at home really is as simple as it sounds.
Rainwater collection systems help to conserve precious water resources.

Simple rainwater harvesting methods only require a rain barrel and a roof, so it’s very easy to make a real contribution to water conservation.
A very simple, economical means of significantly reducing your household water consumption is rainwater harvesting.

Tips for Greener Garden Watering
It’s never been more important to use greener garden watering methods on your lawn, flower beds and vegetable gardens.

Understanding a Rain Water Irrigation System for Gardens
The benefits and basic information on setting up a system to set up a rain water irrigation sytem.

Water conservation tips for your home
Just being mindful of water conservation, and using your kitchen and bathroom faucets, garden hose and lawn sprinklers in an efficient way can save you more money than you probably realize.

Water conservation facts to help you play a part in saving precious water resources.
Using water wisely and efficiently doesn’t need to be complicated or difficult.

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