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A durable, well-designed hose reel will take the stress out of all those lawn maintenance and garden irrigation jobs.

If the sight of that garden hose lying in a tangled mess under the porch is enough to make you avoid those garden irrigation and lawn maintenance jobs, a good hose reel will make all the difference. Not only will it keep your irrigation and lawn maintenance equipment tidy and readily accessible, a hose reel will extend the life of your garden hose by protecting it from damage.

Some people absolutely love to spend time in their garden, and find that watering the flower beds and doing all those lawn maintenance tasks gives them a wonderful release from the stresses of the working week. Not surprisingly, these people always tend to have the lushest, greenest garden and lawn.

If you think of gardening as more of a stressful chore, perhaps you’re not using the right equipment. They say that it’s a poor craftsman who blames his tools, but they’re wrong. Having your gardening equipment in good condition, and neatly stored away where it’s easily accessible will have a huge effect on how well you care for your garden and lawn, and how much enjoyment you get from it. Using a good quality hose reel to store your garden hose is a good start.

Choosing the right hose reel for your garden.

You may be surprised at the wide range of options, and the high quality of the products which are available. There are quite a number of garden irrigation supplies specialists whose products you can view online.

You can have the hose reel mounted to the wall of your house, either perpendicularly on a frame, or simply attached to the wall in parallel. You have a choice of a sturdy steel frame design, usually with a handle to wind the hose back in, or an economical and durable plastic hanger.

If you have a particularly large lawn and garden, a cart or wheel mounted hose reel will save you even more time and energy, and they cost a lot less than you probably think.

For more information on garden hose reels, please read this article on choosing cable and garden hose reels.

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