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Hose and cable reels keep your home and garden tidy, organized and safe.

A good quality hose or cable reel is an essential accessory for all your garden maintenance and home electrical equipment. Not only do you save time by always having your garden hose or electrical cables exactly where you need them and ready to go, you also extend the life of your cables and hoses by not exposing them to weathering or damage.

Hose and cable reels are also very important for safety around the garden, garage or workshop. Hoses and cables left lying around can be a trip hazard, and loose electrical cables can be particularly dangerous if damaged. There’s a fantastic range of high quality, durable reels for hoses and cables available from specialist suppliers, or from home improvement and hardware stores. It’s worth shopping around to find the style of reel which perfectly suits your needs.

Choosing cable and garden hose reels.

You can choose between wall mounted, freestanding and portable wheel mounted cable and garden hose reels, in a wide range of sizes, in durable plastic, aluminum or steel. Wall mounted reels either stand perpendicular to the wall, or flat against it. Portable wheel mounted garden hose reels are particularly useful if you have a large garden, requiring a long, heavy garden hose, or if you just like the extra safety and convenience of not having to carry the hose around.

You also have a choice between very simple reels which you wind the cable or hose onto manually, reels which have a handle to wind the cable or hose, or for real speed and efficiency, there are reels which come with an automatic electric winding mechanism.

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