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The right hose is as easy to handle as a watering can, and makes gardening and lawn maintenance a real pleasure.

If your lawn maintenance has fallen a little behind because you’re sick of struggling with that heavy, tangled, kink-ridden hose, or you’ve just taken to using the old watering can instead, you need to update your gardening equipment.

It’s worth shopping around online for the right hose for your needs, and you’ll pick up some handy tips on gardening, lawn maintenance, and even how to make the most of that watering can in the process.

If it’s been a while since you bought your last hose, you’ll probably be surprised at the range of different types which are available these days.

What to look for in a hose.

If you want a lightweight, inexpensive hose which is easy to handle, choose either a vinyl or vinyl reinforced product, or a rubber hose which is heavier, costs a little more, but lasts longer. Similarly, you have a choice between more expensive but more durable brass fittings (also known as couplings), as against the less durable, but less expensive, lighter and easier to tighten plastic fittings.

In addition to the common type of hose, there are a number of specialty products designed for domestic garden irrigation and lawn maintenance. Sprinkler hoses sit on the ground surface, and spray water upwards through small holes in the surface. A soaker is porous, and can be buried under loose soil or mulch.

A flow-through hose can be carried and used without unwinding, and is as easy to handle as a watering can.

If you, your kids or your pets are inclined to grab a drink from the garden hose, make sure you buy a drinking water safe, plastic lined one.

The time you spend in the garden is time to relax and enjoy, whether you’re tending the plants, working on your lawn maintenance, or just spraying the kids with the hose on a hot summer day. You’ll find that having the right equipment makes all the difference.


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