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A guide to hand watering using gardena garden hoses.

Gardena garden hoses make watering your lawn and garden a pleasure. Watering by hand is a lovely way to enjoy spending time in your garden, and it can be a great stress relief activity.

Gardena garden hose products are strong, durable and easy to use, so they take all the hassle out of caring for your garden. The gardena system allows you to select and connect a wide range of watering products using their simple and easy to use connecting mechanism.

When purchasing garden hoses and accessories it 's a good idea to purchase quality products. For small additional cost your new gardening tools will last a life time and they will be much nicer to use every day.

Four top lawn and garden watering tips.

1. Do your watering first thing in the morning.

The air is cool and moist, and the soil can absorb the water more effectively, so you lose a minimal amount of water to evaporation. Watering in the evening leaves your plants damp and cold into the night, and may expose them to the risk of mildew attack.

2. Use a garden hose reel, hose trolley or hose box.

You’ll be amazed at what a difference they make! You’ll never get dirt all over your hands dragging the hose around the garden again.

Hose reels also make it easier to wind your hose and keep it stored neatly. Your hose will last a lot longer if it’s not left lying around the garden, and it will always be ready to use whenever you need it.

Gardena has a great range of hose reels, mini hose boxes and deluxe hose trolleys which are worth checking out.

3. Remember that different types of plants have different watering needs.

It’s good practice to group plants with similar watering needs together.

Lawns require deep watering, to encourage deep root growth. Every time your lawn needs watering, give it a good long soaking, moving the hose only when runoff begins to occur.

4. Don’t mow your lawn too short.

Contrary to what you might think, this will result in the need for more watering. If the lawn is too short, more water will be lost to evaporation because the soil will be less shaded by the grass itself.

For more information on garden hoses, please read this article on garden hoses and cable reels.


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