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Reasons to Choose a Soaker Hose Irrigation System

A soaker hose irrigation system could be the garden and lawn maintenance solution you’ve always dreamed of.

Drip irrigation systems, also known as soaker hose irrigation systems, keep your garden and lawn looking lush and beautiful, while leaving you free to relax and enjoy the outdoors. Best of all, soaker hose watering systems are fantastically water efficient, so you can do your bit to help conserve precious environmental resources.

What is a Soaker Hose?

Soaker hoses are specially designed garden hoses which are permeated with thousands of tiny holes. Water seeps out through the holes slowly and steadily, and irrigates the lawn and garden by delivering water directly to the roots of plants.

The Advantages of Drip Irrigation

The most attractive advantage of drip irrigation for many people is that it’s so water efficient. You don’t lose any water to evaporation or runoff, and you’ll never accidentally water the driveway or the side of the house as often happens with an automatic sprinkler system.

Your plants will be healthier because they are receiving water directly at the deep root level, where they absorb it most effectively.

Components of a Soaker Hose Watering System

Drip irrigation systems are simple enough for just about anyone to set up.

You will need:

- Soaker hose/s

- Filter

- Pressure Regulator

- Fittings, to put the whole thing together

- A timer, if you want your drip irrigation system to run automatically

- Supplementary parts, like mini-sprinklers and sprayers where suitable

You may also wish to install a backflow preventer to ensure that dirty water does not seep back up through the hose and contaminate your household drinking water. In some areas, local municipal authorities will require you to include a backflow preventer as part of any automatic irrigation system.

For more information on watering your garden please read this article on installing your soaker hose system.

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