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A high quality galvanized watering can makes hand watering a pleasure.

Of course automatic plant watering systems are very convenient, but for some people there’s nothing more relaxing than spending time watering and caring for the garden. Hand watering is also the best way to closely monitor the condition of your plants, and to ensure that they get exactly the amount of watering they need.

Gardening is a real pleasure when you have good quality equipment. The advantage of a galvanized watering can is that it’s exceptionally leak proof and resistant to rust, so it will give you years of hassle free gardening both indoors and outdoors. Just follow the links from this site for more information on galvanized watering cans and other gardening equipment and accessories.

Hand watering options.

Watering cans are much lighter, easier to handle and generally better designed than they used to be. Many have a flat rather than a round shape, so they’re very easy to carry around. They come in a range of materials, including tough, high-tech polyethylene plastic, stylish copper, and durable galvanized steel, in a fantastic range of colors and finishes.

You can also choose between a spout, or a shower head style rose for your watering can, depending on the types of plants you need to water. A long spout is very handy for reaching under delicate foliage, while a rose is perfect for giving a large garden or flower bed a nice, gentle, even shower.

If you have delicate plants or flowers which need a fine mist spray, there’s a range of hand sprayers to choose from. Many feature adjustable nozzles, so you can spray in a range of patterns. Sprayers are also great for spraying pesticide into hard to reach areas under foliage where insect pests love to hide.

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