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The right garden hose reel is one of the most important pieces of irrigation equipment you can have, and makes a real difference to your garden and lawn maintenance.

If you care about your garden and lawn maintenance, and you understand the importance of having the right irrigation equipment for the job, it’s worth checking out the range of garden hose reel products which are available. A good quality garden hose reel, which is durable and easy to handle, will make your gardening and lawn maintenance jobs a pleasure rather than a chore. A quick search through the many garden irrigation equipment suppliers’ sites online will show you what a fantastic range of designs and styles you have to choose from.

If you haven’t bought one for a while, you may think of a garden hose reel as a clumsy, flimsy plastic thing which sits on the wall, and disintegrates after a summer or two. Perhaps you’ve let your garden and lawn maintenance slide a little because you’re sick of struggling with that tangled, kink-ridden old garden hose. There’s really no need, with so many beautifully designed, inexpensive hose reels available from any irrigation equipment supplier.

Garden hose reel product options.

The simple, wall mounted garden hose holder is a very economical option. Look for a durable, weather-proof plastic or steel product. There are two basic types; reels which simply sit flat against the wall, or reels which are attached to a frame and mounted perpendicularly to the wall, to make it a little easier to wind and unwind the hose.

The most basic products allow you to simply loop the hose on and off the reel by hand. For a small extra cost, you can save some time and effort by buying a product with a simple handle to wind the hose in. If you want to make it really easy on yourself, there is a range of products which feature an automatic rewind. Some are power operated, others use your household water pressure, or just mechanical tension, and they’re all surprisingly inexpensive.


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