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A quick guide to wall mount garden hose reels.

Wall mount garden hose reels are one of those gardening accessories you might think you don’t really need, but once you’ve used one you’ll wonder what you ever did without it.

A wall mount garden hose reel makes caring for your garden a pleasure rather than a chore.

You’ll never need to wrestle with a kink-ridden, tangled garden hose ever again. This means you won’t neglect your lawn and garden maintenance, and your plants will be all the more healthy and happy for it.

Having your garden hose neatly stored away means it’s always where you can find it, and it will be protected from weathering and damage so you won’t need to replace it as often.

Basic types of wall mounted garden hose reel:

Flat vs. perpendicular wall mount

The frame may be mounted flat against the wall or perpendicular to the wall. Flat against the wall will tend to save space and be less visually obtrusive, while a perpendicular mounted hose reel will be easier to wind and unwind.

Winding mechanism

With the most basic type of hose reel, you simply loop the hose on and off by hand. Alternatively, you could choose a hose reel with a handle to wind the hose, or even a power operated automatic rewind.

Automatic winding hose reels

In the last few years a new kind of hose reel has come onto the market. These hose reels will automatically self-wind. This new version of reels uses water to auto wind your hose. No electricity to connect or batteries to install, just the water from your tap.

If you want more information check out no-crank garden hose reels.

Advantages of choosing a flat hose.

Flat hoses are ideally suited to be used with wall mount hose reels. A flat garden hose will literally lie flat when drained of water, so it’s much easier to wind up and store. You will need to unwind the hose fully before it can be used, but with a wall mounted garden hose reel this is quick and easy to do.

When water is pumped through the flat hose, it will expand into the same round shape as a conventional hose, and will be equally effective for watering.

For more information on ways to store your garden hose please read this article on using hose reels in your garden.

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