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Choosing the right garden hose pot for your garden.

A garden hose pot makes an attractive feature of your garden decor, and it’s perfect for keeping your garden hose tidy and ready to use whenever you need it. Keeping your garden hose stored safely means it will be protected from damage and weathering, and it will last longer.

Garden hose pots come in a wide variety of shapes, sizes, colors and designs. Most hose pots will safely store up to around one hundred feet of garden hose, depending on the type of hose you have.

The pots come in a range of durable weather-resistant materials, including:

- Copper

- Wicker

- Terracotta

- High-tech fiberglass, with an aged stone or granite look.

Look for a hose pot which has a hole in the bottom so you can keep the hose connected to a faucet.

Most hose pots can double as attractive garden planters or indoor/outdoor storage containers.

Top tips on choosing garden hoses.

A vinyl or vinyl reinforced garden hose is light, easy to handle and inexpensive.

A rubber hose will cost a little more and be heavier to carry, but it will last longer.

Brass fittings will last a lot longer, while plastic fittings are lighter, less expensive and easier to tighten.

A flat garden hose winds up into a much smaller space than a conventional round garden hose. Flat hoses need to be fully unwound before they can be used, and fully drained before they can be stored away. When filled with water, a flat hose expands to the same shape as a conventional hose, and is equally as effective for watering.

For more information on organizing your garden hoses, please read this article on keeping you yard tidy with garden hose reels.


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