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Garden hose reels take the hard work out of gardening and lawn maintenance.

If you’re sick of having your garden hose lying all over the yard in a tangled mess, garden hose reels are an ideal way to keep your gardening and lawn maintenance equipment tidy and ready when you need it. Sturdy, well built garden hose reels will last for years, and also extend the life of your hose by protecting it from damage. Your gardening and lawn maintenance jobs will become a pleasure, rather than a frustrating chore.

A lot of people think of garden hose reels as sort of round, flimsy molded plastic things which sit under the back porch. However, a little searching around online will show you what a great range of practical, innovative products are available.

The wide world of garden hose reels.

Reels which can be mounted to a wall are a very convenient and tidy way to store and use your garden hose. There are two basic types; those which are mounted perpendicularly to the wall on some type of frame, and those which are simply attached to the wall in a parallel position. Most products have some kind of simple handle to wind the hose back in.

If you have a large garden or lawn area to water, there are garden hose reels which come mounted on a cart, which is easy to move around.

An automatic retractable reel saves you having to wind the hose back in when you’re done using it, and low rewind tension makes it easy to pull the hose out. There are devices which work without power, either using household water pressure, or mechanical tension, like a vacuum cleaner power cord rewind. Prices start at around sixty dollars or so, which is a worthwhile investment for the time and hassle it will save you.

A particularly handy product is one which is designed to be light enough to carry around with you while you water. It’s as lightweight and easy to handle as a watering can, and ideal for watering flower beds and lawn maintenance.

For more ideas on storing your garden hose, please read this article on storage options for your garden hose.


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