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Garden hose quick disconnect fittings make gardening a breeze.

Having the right garden equipment and accessories makes gardening a pleasure, rather than a chore. Even the little things like garden hose fittings which are durable, easy to connect and disconnect, and which don’t have annoying leaks, can make all the difference. A garden hose quick disconnect fitting is an essential accessory, particularly if you move the garden hose around from one place to another very frequently as you work your way around the garden. The quick disconnect mechanism saves you a lot of awkward twisting, but the clever design means that the connection is as secure and drip free as any ordinary garden hose fitting. Solid brass garden hose quick disconnect fittings are very strong and durable, and you’ll be pleasantly surprised at how inexpensive they are. They’re also very easy to order online. The quick disconnect fittings usually come as socket and plug set, and they’re very easy to attach to your garden hose.

Other easy-to-use garden hose fittings and accessories.

If you want to make really light work of keeping your garden looking beautiful, it’s worth taking a look at the fantastic range of garden hose fittings you can use. There’s a special garden hose fitting for just about every watering job in the garden. You can choose from a huge range of spray nozzles, which allow you to adjust the flow to suit the watering needs of individual plants in your garden, and with trigger controlled nozzles, you’ll never waste a drop of water. A garden hose nozzle set with quick disconnect fittings gives you the ultimate in flexibility and control.


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