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Care for your garden in style with fantastic designer watering cans.

If you enjoy having stylish, designer objects around your home, and you like to keep your garden and indoor plants lush and healthy, there’s a great range of brilliant designer watering cans to choose from. Watering cans come in an amazing variety of imaginative shapes, sizes, materials and colors, to suit every interior decor style.

A good designer watering can is not only chic and stylish, but also practical and functional, and designed to make it very easy to keep your plants healthy and beautiful. Simply follow the links from this site to view a stunning range of creatively designed watering cans, and information on how to order them.

The advantages of hand watering using a watering can.

Using a watering can may seem like a time-consuming, old-fashioned way to care for your plants, but it has a number of advantages over automatic watering systems and hand held sprayers. Watering cans allow you to dispense precisely the right amount of water to each individual plant. Individual hand watering also allows you to monitor the condition of each plant and its soil very closely, so your garden will always be well cared-for and healthy.

Because hand watering is so relaxing, many people find it to be a great stress release activity, so it’s good for your own health as well. A well designed watering can will make it easy to water your garden. The watering can should be light, easy to carry, and easy to fill. If you have hanging plants, or plants which are hard to reach, choose a watering can with a long spout. It’s also important to choose a watering can with the right type of rose or spout for the plants you have.

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