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High quality stainless steel watering cans make it easy to keep your garden healthy and beautiful.

If you have a small garden, a window box, or an indoor garden of potted plants, flowers and herbs, good quality hand watering equipment is a must, to make the job of maintaining your beautiful garden a pleasure rather than a chore. Many people with large outdoor gardens also prefer to use hand watering rather than an automatic watering system, because there’s nothing more relaxing than spending time caring for your garden. Hand watering is also a very water efficient irrigation method, because you can monitor the condition of your garden very closely and give it precisely the amount of watering it needs.

The most basic and essential piece of garden watering equipment is a good quality watering can. Stainless steel watering cans are not only light and easy to handle, they are also exceptionally strong and durable. Just follow the links from this site for information on a great range of high quality stainless steel watering cans and other gardening equipment and accessories.

Other fantastic products for hand watering your garden.

Many watering cans come with a selection of removable spout attachments, each designed for a specific watering purpose. A shower head style rose delivers a gentle shower of water, while a long spout is perfect for reaching under the foliage of delicate plants. Sprayers are very useful for delicate water misting over small plants, and also for spraying pesticide in hard to reach places under the foliage where pests love to hide.

Another very handy piece of watering equipment is a watering wand. Watering wands attach to your garden hose, and make it very easy to water your flower beds and shrubs in a variety of different patterns. Extended water wands allow you to reach hanging flower pots and foliage in hard to reach places. Drip irrigation kits are handy but they do take a bit of planning and time to set up.


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