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A high quality flat garden hose is easy to store, and makes light work of keeping your lawn and garden looking lush and healthy.

Flat garden hoses are becoming more and more popular as an alternative to a conventional garden hose, because they’re so easy to use and store. A flat garden hose lies flat when drained of water, so it’s much easier to wind up for storage, and takes up much less space in storage than a conventional garden hose. When water is pumped through the flat hose, it expands to the same round shape as a conventional hose, and is equally effective for watering gardens and lawns. Flat hoses need to be fully unwound before they can be used for watering, and fully drained of water to be stored.

Choosing a flat hose product.

The time you spend caring for your garden and lawn is time to relax and enjoy the open air, so having the right equipment is very important. A good quality, easy-to-handle garden hose means your gardening and lawn maintenance activities will be a pleasure rather than a frustrating chore. A flat hose will be able to withstand normal use as effectively as a conventional garden hose, and because it is stored empty of water, it will be much more resistant to freezing and cracking.

You have two basic types of flat hose to choose from. The premium product is made from a tightly woven polyester jacket bonded to an interior lining made from high tech polyurethane. This type of flat hose is extremely durable, highly resistant to leaking and kinking, and occupies the smallest amount of storage space when wound up.

The other type of flat hose is made from the same reinforced vinyl material as a conventional garden hose, but winds up to half the size of a conventional hose. The reinforced vinyl flat hose is also very resistant to wear and weathering.

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