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A soaker hose and drip irrigation system delivers exactly the right amount of moisture to your plants, precisely where it’s needed, so it’s great for your garden and great for water conservation.

If you’re conscious of water conservation, you’ve probably wondered whether there’s a better way to water your lawn and garden than the traditional sprinkler and garden hose. Soaker hose and drip irrigation systems are becoming increasingly popular, because they deliver a precise amount of water directly to the plants’ root systems. A soaker hose lies on the ground and slowly leaks water to the plant through the soil. There are several significant water conservation advantages to a drip irrigation system. You don’t lose water to evaporation, it doesn’t blow away in the wind, and the precise, slow supply of watering will keep your plants healthy without any water wastage.

A soaker hose is really nothing more than a garden hose full of leaks. Perhaps some lazy gardener left their leaky old garden hose lying around on the lawn, noticed how well their lawn was doing, and suddenly had a brilliant idea. The manufactured soaker hose you can buy from your gardening equipment supplier has thousands of tiny holes right along its length. You simply lay the hose around a specific tree or shrub, or snake it through a garden bed, and your plants will receive a slow, constant supply of water through the roots.

Other drip irrigation devices.

If you really care about water conservation, you can set up a complete lawn and garden irrigation system using only drip irrigation. You’ll find a wealth of information online, or you can consult with any good garden equipment supplier for advice. Many suppliers sell drip irrigation kits, which are very easy to set up and maintain, even for novice gardeners.

Small, ring shaped drip emitters can be connected to the soaker hose, to deliver watering around the roots of a specific flowering plant or shrub.

There are also emitters which you plant in your garden bed, and connect to the garden hose. These sprinkler-like devices deliver a slow trickle, or a light spray, rather than a dramatic burst, and because they sit low to the ground, the water falls directly on the foliage, and into the ground around the roots of your plants.

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