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A small garden watering wand makes watering your indoor potted plants a pleasure.

Potted flowers, herbs and shrubs are lovely to have around your home, on the balcony, or in window boxes. Regular watering is essential for keeping all your potted plants looking beautiful and healthy, and with the right equipment, your regular watering routine will be a pleasure, rather than a chore. If you have hanging planters which are difficult to reach, a small garden watering wand is the perfect solution.

Garden watering wands are small, light aluminum tubes with a soft rubber or plastic grip. The wands generally have a nozzle attachment at one end, and are connected to a hose at the other. Watering wands come in a range of sizes, up to about thirty inches in length, and they may be straight or curved. You can find more information about small gardening watering wands and other great garden watering products simply by following the links from this site.

Other great products for easy indoor plant care.

If you’re away from home frequently, or you tend to forget to water the garden regularly, self watering planters are a great idea. These clever devices deliver exactly the right amount of water to your plants, slowly and regularly. You only need to refill the water reservoir every few days, or once a week, depending on the size of the planters. Self watering planters, containers, window boxes and hanging planters come in a fantastic variety of sizes, shapes and colors.

Watering cans also very useful tools for small indoor gardens. Watering cans are much lighter and better designed than they used to be. Nowadays they’re mostly made from very lightweight, durable polyethylene plastic materials, and they come in a flat shape, which is much easier to carry and manage than the traditional round shape.


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