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Homemade rainbarrels are a creative way to save money and environmental resources.

Using a rainbarrel is a great way to save precious water resources, not to mention a substantial amount of money on your water bill. Homemade rainbarrels are simple and fun to make, and they save you even more money. What’s more, by using recycled barrels you also help to save unnecessary waste. To get started on your homemade rainbarrel, you’ll need a suitable barrel, a few pieces of plumbing hardware, materials for the base, and a few simple tools.

Making your own rain barrel.

The first step is to choose a suitable barrel. There are lots of options, but barrels which have previously been used for food items such as olives, peppers or even whiskey are probably the best, because you can be confident they’re not contaminated with any toxic chemicals. You can obtain these from restaurants, food processing plants, or from specialist rain barrel importers. You could also use water barrels which you might obtain from car wash operators. The rain barrel will obviously need to be water tight, and it will need a snug fitting lid to prevent evaporation.

Once you have your barrel, you only need to a attach a few simple pieces of hardware. You’ll need a faucet and washers, an elbow and tubing to connect your rainbarrel to the downpipe from the roof, and a few basic tools such as a drill and hole saw. The rainbarrel will need to be placed on a sturdy base to prevent it from tipping over. You can put together a simple homemade wooden base, or just use some cement blocks or brick pavers. You’ll find detailed instructions online, or from your home improvement supplier.


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