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Watering cans can be easier to use than the garden hose, and deliver water more accurately than a sprinkler system.

Many people prefer the old fashioned simplicity of watering cans. The garden hose may do the job faster, and a using a sprinkler system means you never need go into your garden at all. But if you love to relax in your garden, using watering cans allows you to water your flower beds at a leisurely pace. You can always use the garden hose or a sprinkler system for the lawn.

There are some wonderful watering cans and garden sprayers on the market which are lightweight, easy to handle, and designed for a range of specific gardening jobs. A quick search online will show you what a great range of innovative and beautifully designed products are available.

Types of watering cans and sprayers.

The standard type of watering can is much better designed than it used to be, using durable, lightweight polyethylene plastic, and a flat rather than a round shape, which is much easier to lift and carry. Depending on your needs, you can choose either a simple spout, or a shower head style rose. A long spout is very useful for reaching under foliage on delicate plants. A removable solid brass rose or rosette is a good option, for added durability.

Sprayers are a must for delicate water misting, or spraying pesticide under the foliage where pests and their eggs love to hide. Adjustable nozzles are a very useful feature, so you can choose to spray any pattern from a direct jet stream to a fine, diffuse mist.

A handheld wand is a device which attaches to your garden hose, and allows you to spray your shrubs and flower beds in a variety of different patterns. Look for one which has a comfortable, insulated grip.


For more information on watering your garden by hand, please read this article on stainless steel watering cans.

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