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Garden and lawn maintenance using a garden hose timer.

A good garden hose timer makes it easy to keep your lawn and garden looking lush, green and beautiful. You’ll never forget to water your garden again, and you’ll never leave your garden hose or lawn sprinklers running for longer than they need to.

Garden hose timers can be set to water the lawn and garden for anything from one minute to six hours per day, with up to twelve start times per day.

Some hose timers will even control water flow to two different hoses completely independently, so you can set two sprinklers to water different areas of the garden at different times.

Three top garden and lawn irrigation tips:

1. Water the garden first thing in the morning.

Set your hose timer to water the garden and lawn first thing in the morning. This way you don’t lose moisture to evaporation as you would if you watered during the heat of the day.

2. Don’t water when it’s not needed.

It’s very important to use precious water resources efficiently and wisely, so be sure to monitor the watering needs of your garden. If you’re using a hose timer, make sure you don’t allow the garden hose and sprinklers to turn on during a rain shower, or when the soil is already very damp.

3. Give your garden and lawn a good soaking.

Generally speaking, garden plants do better if you give them a good long soak once or twice a week, rather than a brief sprinkling every day, so look for a hose timer which allows you to set a weekly, rather than a daily watering schedule. Irrigating the deep layers of the roots, then allowing them to dry out fully before watering again encourages the roots to grow deeper, searching for water.

For more information on watering your lawn and garden please read article on soaker hoses and drip irrigation systems.

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