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Garden hose reel storage: why is it so important?

Almost everybody has a good old garden hose, but too many people neglect garden hose reel storage. They're content to coil the hose and set it against the house.

But the truth is, it's very important to store hoses properly. Here is a guide to storing your garden hose.

First – why should you even bother to store the hose? First of all, it will simply make gardening easier for you! Don't waste time untangling pesky knots and don't break your neck tripping over them either. Watering your lawn shouldn't be an overly challenging task.

Another reason that garden hose storage is important is because you want your hose to be flexible and functional. If your hose is perpetually bent and tangled, it is extra vulnerable and could easily break. As well, if this happens, there could be leaks in your hose that you don't know about and you could end coping with a water bill that's quite pricey.

So now that you're in the market for garden hose reel storage, what are your options? Surprisingly, there is a style of hose storage that will blend in with any garden or lawn. There is decorative storage that will hide your hose.

Then there are mobile carts that can allow you to take your hose with you so that you can water every nook and cranny of your yard and garden. You can get totes, too, instead of carts, if you would like to carry your hose with you.

The conventional garden hose storage are the wall mounts and the hangers and those are always a standard choice if you want something simple and affordable. You might also want to look at a garden hose storage pot or storage box. These are nice because they don't have to be mounted to a wall and you can easily move them around.

Decorative hose reels are perfect for those who think a hose looks tacky set against their garden. Carts come in many shapes and sizes and are great for those who want to make the most use out of their hose. Wall mounts and hangers have many different creative designs. For example, you can get a hanger that looks like an elegant fence post or even a birdhouse.

So, first find out the size of your hose – is it thick and/or extra long? This will narrow down your options for garden hose storage. Then you can decide about what kind of storage unit you want to invest in.

Save yourself time and money (with your water bill) and have fun choosing from the many fun designs!

For more information on garden hose storage, please read this article on wall mount hose reels.

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