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Simple solutions and watering devices for hanging plants

It’s just as well there are so many brilliant watering devices for hanging plants. As anyone who has hanging plants will know, they look absolutely wonderful, but watering them regularly can be a real strain.

Probably the simplest watering device for hanging plants is a long wand which attaches to your garden hose or sprayer. Watering wands which bend into a U-shape at the top are ideal for reaching hanging planters.

Watering your hanging plants automatically

Probably the easiest way to water your hanging plants is to set up an automatic system, so you don’t have to reach up to them as often. There are two types of automatic watering system you can use:

Self watering hanging planters have a water reservoir in the base, and channels which allow water to seep into the soil slowly and steadily. You need to refill the reservoir once or twice a week, depending on the plant. The refill holes are located at the bottom of the planter, where they’re easy to reach.

Drip irrigation hoses and micro sprayers can be hooked into the automatic watering system you use for your garden beds. These devices are perfect for delivering water to the soil in a slow, controlled way, and the system works completely automatically, so you never need to reach up to the planters to water your hanging plants.

You may need to be a little creative in order to find a way to hide the hoses leading to the planters. If the planters are hanging under the roof of the porch, you might try running the hose along the roof, then down into the planter.

For more information on watering your plants, please read this article on watering wands for your garden.

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