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A good home irrigation system design is both effective and water efficient.

Well designed home irrigation system makes an incredible difference. Not only will you get a lush, green, healthy garden and lawn with a minimum of effort, you’ll also save on your water bills and help conserve precious environmental resources into the bargain.

You may choose to hire a professional home irrigation system designer, but with a little know how and the right equipment, you can design and install an effective, efficient home irrigation system yourself. Just follow the links from this site for advice on home irrigation system design and information on how to order all the irrigation equipment and accessories you’ll need.

Home irrigation design tips.

There are two basic types of home irrigation system; automatic sprinkler systems and drip irrigation systems. Automatic sprinkler systems have a bad reputation as being water wasters, but a well designed and properly monitored automatic sprinkler irrigation system can actually save water. A sophisticated timer system can adjust the amount of irrigation the sprinklers deliver depending on the season. You should also install soil moisture sensors which will prevent the sprinkler system being turned on when it’s raining, or when there’s already enough moisture in the soil.

A fantastically water efficient type of home irrigation system which is rapidly gaining in popularity is a drip irrigation system. With drip irrigation, water is delivered to lawn, trees and plants via a hose which is full of tiny holes. The irrigation is delivered directly to the roots of plants where it can be absorbed most effectively, and because the water leaks out of the hose slowly and steadily, there is never any waste due to water runoff or evaporation.


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